What is the difference between individual medical rehabilitation and health promotion programmes?

We recommend individual medical rehabilitation for patients with serious or chronic health problems that require an individual approach and an individual rehabilitation plan tailored to the specific disease or disorder. When choosing medical rehabilitation, the doctor will examine the patient, create an individual plan based on the patient's medical history, diagnostic results and contraindications. The duration of individual medical rehabilitation starts from 7 days. Health promotion programmes are ready-made packages of treatments for a specific number of days: "Express treatment" for two days, "Restart your health" for five days, etc. The treatments offered in these programmes will not be substituted or individually selected. In case you are unable to attend a specific treatment for health or other reasons, it will be cancelled. 

Seniors, as well as patients after an exacerbation of a chronic disease or an acute illness, will be better suited to individual medical rehabilitation rather than health promotion programmes.