Classes for Pregnant

Nodarbības topošajām māmiņām

Health promotion package for future and new mothers

“The health promotion package funded by the local authorities is available to expecting mothers who have their declared address in Jūrmala free of charge. It is a great opportunity for pregnant women to improve their wellbeing and give their babies a healthy start in life.”

The health promotion package includes:
•     Individual physiotherapist and nutritionist consultation
•    Therapeutic group exercise in the pool
•    Group exercises for pregnant women (therapeutic exercise, yoga and relaxation sessions)

! Our health promotion package for expecting mothers is free of charge.

All expecting women with their residence and declared address in Jūrmala can apply for the service from the 12th pregnancy week and receive the service until the baby reaches 7 months of age.

Required documents:
•    Referral from GP or gynaecologist (Form 027/u)
•    Application (see the form attached to the email)

The documents should be submitted to Jūrmala City Council Welfare Department

Epidemiological safety rules:
•    The health promotion package is available to people with a valid vaccination certificate or proof of recovery from Covid-19 to confirm that the person has been vaccinated against or has recovered from Covid-19
•    Negative Covid-19 test (valid for 48 hours)
•    You should have a valid ID document with you.

The service is provided at the SIA Sanare-KRC Jaunķemeri Fitness Centre at Kolkas 20.
For dditional information call 67733545 or 26646022 or email to [email protected]

Nodarbību plāns topošajām māmiņām

•    If a woman has been physically active before pregnancy and wishes to maintain active lifestyle 
•    If a woman has health complaints, e.g. discomfort in the lower back or shoulder area, heavy feeling in lower extremities, etc.
•    If during pregnancy, a woman wants to exercise under physiotherapist observation, have her questions answered or meet other expecting women Based on the pregnancy term, group sessions offer women exercises designed specifically for their pregnancy stage and adapted based on a physical shale of every woman

Therapeutic exercise for pregnant women is a light relaxing preparation for childbirth which includes a set of exercises to strengthen muscles involved in labour (helping to reduce back pain, prevent varicose veins or pelvic discomfort), breathing exercises and relaxation tips, childbirth positions and self-massage. At the sessions, women learn correct breathing techniques and improve their blood circulation to ensure better supply of oxygen to the baby and harmonious, balanced and positive emotions.



Nodarbības topošajām māmiņām


Classes for women at the special time of life, so that the body and baby feel comfortable, harmonious and healthy. Special attention is paid to breathing, which, having been learned, will help in childbirth, as well as balance the mind and emotions. Classes help to control weight, maintain well-being throughout the prenatal period.

Classes in the pool provide good physical exertion for the whole organism, increase endurance and help to cope more easily with the load during childbirth. During the classes, no injuries can be suffered, no unnecessary load is created on the joints and ligaments. Water resistance creates an additional load and thus also creates a massage and lymphatic drainage effect.

Exercising in water helps very well to prepare for childbirth, because it trains and stretches all muscle groups. When exercising, you can learn to breathe properly and relax. For a pregnant woman, water classes are the only option to sleep on her stomach, not to feel her weight and relieve her spine - to relax completely. The pool has more opportunities to perform more diverse exercises using various equipment, e.g. noodles, dumbbells, balls, board.

Physical activity during pregnancy reduces fatigue, improves well-being and emotional state. With special exercises it is possible to relieve back pain, heaviness and cramps in the legs, constipation and other problems topical during pregnancy.

The training consists of warm-up, aerobic part, strength and flexibility exercises. Exercises are given both lying on the back and on one side, on the fours and standing on the knees, as well as exercises sitting on large balls. When exercising, attention is paid to proper breathing, during this period of training of the most important muscle groups and comfortable postures. The movements are executed at an average pace, very gently, which contributes to the correct breathing rhythm of the mother-to-be.