Brigita Āboliņa



Riga Stradins University, professional bachelor's degree in healthcare and qualification as a physiotherapist
The School of Applied Kinesiology - educational programme "Applied Kinesiology"


Rehabilitation center Jaunķemeri


  • Functional assessment of the patient, individual physiotherapy plan
  • Individual physiotherapy sessions
  • Kinesiological therapy
  • Sling therapy
  • K. Schroth Three-dimensional scolosis therapy
  • Patient preparation for planned orthopaedic surgery (hip and knee replacement surgery)

Methods of examination

1. Taking a medical history
2. Respiratory and cardiovascular assessment
3. Assessment of osteokinematic and arthrokinematic joint movements
4. Assessment of the functional status of muscles: muscle tone, strength, length, sequential muscle involvement and symmetry 
5. Posture and gait assessment and analysis 
6. Assessment of the functional status of the nervous system

Used technologies

1. Specific individual therapeutic exercises
2. Exercises to strengthen the deep stabilising system
3. Complex therapy and exercises to increase respiratory efficiency
4. Sensomotor stimulation
5. Specific physiotherapy techniques such as kinesiological taping, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, relaxation techniques
6. Soft tissue techniques and ligamentous compliance techniques