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Our Fitness Centre is a place for activities and relaxation for everyone! Physical activity is one of the pillars of good health.

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VERVE combines the best of yoga and other exercises systems. Exercises improve flexibility, relax muscles and prepare deep muscles of the abs and back for more intensive power workout.
VERVE. Inside every person, there are life energy, fire and spirit which make them burn and create, but often in our daily rush we forget about it and let the flame die out. VERVE revives and awakens and lets you see yourself and your body as a tool with unlimited possibilities... Just give it a chance...
Barefoot along a starry way... The new VERVE will let you open your eyes and unwind on a beach on a warm summer night. It will let you feel pillows of clouds and beach sand under your feet... visualise your small and big goals... and dreams. It will let you immerse yourself in the movement of the flow and open to the FREEDOM to be yourself. Your body will enjoy multiple rotations and hip opening movements which let you relax after tiring sedentary work. The sun and energy will pour into your body.

ROCK’N’CORE - īpaši izveidota programma, kas koncentrēta uz vēdera preses un muguras muskulatūras nostiprināšanu. Spēka vingrinājumi tiek izpildīti gan ar ķermeņa svaru, gan ar apsmagojumu. Nodarbībā iekļauti kardio intervāli. Nodarbība piemērota gan iesācējiem, gan pieredzējušiem vingrotājiem.

ROCK'N'CORE ne tikai nostiprina ķermeņa centru un uzlabo stāju, bet arī vienmērīgi nodarbina visas lielās muskuļu grupas, vēl vairāk iedarbinot metabolismu un tavu pietuvošanos ideālajām ķermeņa formām.

NIKE TRAINING CLUB (NTC) is a unique workout inspired by sports training and created to boost your athleticism. NTC is a group session involving skills, exercises and principles used by high-level professional athletes. Workout functionality, various applications, special conditions and team building sessions wake up your sporting spirit during workout and expand your usual fitness horizon. Simple, basic movements are expanded to maximise the benefits brought by the interval workout method. Exercises are done against the clock rather than by number. The movements are multidimensional and can be done in different planes and directions and at different pace, which means that anyone can participate in the workout! The NIKE TRAINING CLUB workout focuses on 5 most important physical properties, i.e. strength, cardio endurance, body core strength, balance and flexibility. Exercise mats, step boards, dumbbells and skipping ropes are used in the sessions. However, many movements and exercises do not require any equipment and NIKE TRAINING CLUB workout can be done using only your own body weight. Usually there are 3 primary reasons why people want to take up exercises: to lose weight, to strengthen muscles or build power. NIKE TRAINING CLUB combines all these goals and helps anyone achieve them because it is designed for everyone from the beginners and people with some experience to high-class athletes, both men and women. NTC inspires people to make exactly what they what out of themselves. Move and you will feel better. Everything is within you and let everyone see it.

Smovey ring exercises are good for everybody! They are great for indoor and outdoor sessions combining physiotherapy, fitness and health promotion.

Correctly done exercises with SMOVEY rings:
•    Engage up at 97% of muscles in the body
•    Strengthen muscles
•    Improve health and mobility of joints
•    Activate and maintain muscles in the upper part of the body
•    Promote and improves blood circulation
•    Stabilise blood pressure
•    Improve coordination
•    Improve stamina
•    Boost metabolism
•    Improve digestion
•    Engage deep muscles
•    Improve and stabilise posture
•    Strengthen abs and back muscles
•    Strengthen connective tissue
•    Reduce anxiety and stress
•    Reduce excess weight

A gentle exercise system and a beatify body care method combining power, flexibility and breathing exercises. Pilates comprises flexibility, breathing and balance restoration methods from eastern exercise disciplines and body strength and cardio workouts from the western systems. It requires attention and precision of movements. With regular exercises, it increases muscle strength, improves posture and balance, relieve spine, promoted good functioning of blood circulation system, relaxes the body and calms the mind. The principle of this system is from easy to more difficult and from lower to higher level and that is why the exercises are suitable for everyone.

TABATA is a type of high-intensity interval training consisting of 4-minute rounds of 20 seconds of intensive workout followed by 10 seconds of rest. The purpose of the training is to build up physical endurance, boost metabolism and improve health. It is designed for men and women with workout experience and appropriate physical shape.

It is a set of exercises to create a muscle frame whose main function is to remove as much load from the bone system and spine as possible. It is suitable for everyone regardless of physical shape and experience. It includes power, flexibility, coordination and balance exercises to strengthen the spine corset muscles to help maintain good posture, feel well, reduce back pain and weariness from sedentary work and protect from injuries when doing physically demanding work. Various physiotherapy equipment, such as large and small exercises balls, dumbbells, elastic bands, balance mats, etc., is also used in the sessions.

Fitball exercises are suitable for all people of all ages. It is a medium intensity workout with large exercise balls. It is suitable for people of any age and physical shape. The sessions are exciting and interesting, good for improving movement coordination and balance because it takes continuous focus and work of even the smallest muscles to stay on the ball. Because the ball is flexible, it is gentle on spine and joints. Dumbbells, poles, bands and other physiotherapy equipment can also be used in the sessions. Fitball is also recommended in case of back pain, as regular exercises on the ball help improve the condition of spine and pelvis and the pressure on intervertebral discs is evenly distributed.

During aqua aerobics sessions, water flow improves skin flexibility and evens out and reduces subcutaneous fat layer. It is especially recommended for people with spine and joint problems because the buoyant force in the water reduces strain. At the same time, muscles have to work harder to overcome water’s natural resistance. Being in the water boosts metabolism resulting in spending much more energy than doing the same on the ground. Water pressure improves circulation and stipulated cardiovascular system.

* Suitable for people in any physical shape and for people who cannot swim.

Body Toning is a combination of cardio and power workout for body sculpting. It includes resistance exercises using own body weight and various equipment (dumbbells, weights, etc.) and machines. Exercises are repeated multiple times to strengthen and tone muscles in the body. Power workout for fitness and health helps create beautiful muscle relief, strengthens ligaments, joints and bones thus reducing risk of osteoporosis. Cardio exercises improve cardiovascular function and aerobic stamina and strengthen muscles.

Medium intensity workout.

Hatha yoga is one of the most popular forms of yoga and is adapted to the western lifestyle. It includes stretching, breathing and relaxation exercises and sometimes also meditation. Each session focuses on a specific body aspect – some sessions mainly involve physical exercise or asanas while others are built around relaxation, breathing control and meditation.

Yoga nidra is a relaxing and prana absorbing session involving full physical, mental and emotional relaxation. It is a special way of medication to relax the body and mind, manage stress and feel the balance. During yoga nidra sessions, your physical body is in the sleep state while your mind works at deeper levels of conscience. Sessions may help remove internal obstacles, resistance and blocks to focus your energy on implementation of your plans and realisation of your dreams.

Yoga nidra is suitable for everyone and is especially good for those who find it difficult to relax or experience lack of energy or chronic fatigue and for anyone seeking self-improvement.

Yoga therapy for healthy spine is designed for posture correction and is also good for people suffering from back pain and people who have demanding physical work or sedentary work or lifestyle. It is especially good for people spending long hour in front of the computer. The sessions are focused on reducing back problems with special attention to the spine and back muscles. 

Hydrotherapy with aqua bike is a special method of physiotherapy to help restore and improve your health. It efficiently burns calories and reduces weight, firms the skin and works on cellulite while actively improving blood circulation and heart function. It reduces joint pain, helps with fluid retention, improves lymphatic drainage and strengthens immune system.

Zumba is a fitness dance to Latin American rhythms. It is a unique fitness discipline which includes rhythm, dance, choreography and workout. Zumba uses aerobic training and interval training principles to maximise participants’ benefits from the sessions. A slower salsa rhythm is followed by livelier merengue. Alternating higher and lower intensity movements create versatility and change. It is also a joy factor and allows people in different physical shape control the intensity of their movements in accordance with their abilities and needs. A single session can burn up to 700 calories! You do not need any previous dancing experience to take up zumba. Its choreography is creates so as to enable every participant follow the movements with ease. Sessions are led by a professional zumba teacher who will compose an easy to repeat sequence of steps and moves. Each zumba session is accompanied by lively music which will charge you with good mood and feeling for the entire day.

Total Stretch is a set of exercises designed to stretch muscles and to improve flexibility of the body, boost vitality, restore health and improve mental state. Besides, stretching is a great anti-stress therapy which helps to relieve tension and to recharge. It is recommended as a prevention measure in case of movement or blood circulation disorders. Stretching help improve movement of joints and overall body flexibility. Regular stretching exercises increase flexibility of muscles and ligaments, which reduces risk of injuries and relieves pain syndrome. They improve movement coordination, joint flexibility and posture, boost stamina and muscle strength and notably reduce recovery period after stress or exertion.