Healthy back (7 days)

Duration- 7 days / 6 nights

The programme is for anyone who wants to take care of their back health.


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The programme is suitable for both workers in seated office work and physically demanding jobs, as well as those suffering from chronic back pain.


Standard single room 

609.00 Eur – standard single room

Superior single room

630.00 Eur – superior single room

Standard twin room

448.00 Eur - per bed in standard twin room

Superior twin room

532.00 Eur - per bed in superior twin room

Standard double suit (two rooms)

574.00 Eur - per bed in standard double suit room
686.00 Eur - one person in standard double suit room

Superior double suit (two rooms)

693.00 Eur - per bed in superior double suit room
840.00 Eur - one person in superior double suit room

 *  Prices are for the full program, including accommodation, meals and treatments.

Vienvietīgs standarta numurs 

609.00 Eur – vienvietīgs standarta numurs

Vienvietīgs uzlabotais numurs

630.00 Eur – vienvietīgs uzlabotais numurs

Divvietīgs standarta numurs

427.00 Eur - viena vieta divvietīgajā standarta numurā

Divvietīgs uzlabotais numurs

490.00 Eur - viena vieta divvietīgā uzlabotā numurā

Divistabu divvietīgs standarta numurs

539.00 Eur - viena vieta divistabu divvietīgā standarta numurā
665.00 Eur - viens cilvēks numurā
693.00 Eur - 1 vieta divistabu divvietīgā uzlabotā numurā
840.00 Eur - viens cilvēks numurā

 * cenas norādītas par pilnu programmu, ieskaitot gan uzturēšanos, gan ēdināšanu, kā arī procedūras.